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Metallurgy is the science of the production and the processing of different metals and other metallurgic usable elements.

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Could a gold/{second metal} crown be created that would pass the Archimedes test cost effectively?

Many people are familiar with the story of Archimedes submerging a crown in water to identify if the volume of the crown was consistent with the volume of the same amount of gold. The test was to see ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Does unloading beyond yield point also affect tensile strength?

I know that with strain-hardening you increase the yield and tensile strength. So if you unload at point D, then you also have cold worked it a bit right? So the stress-strain curve will look ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Why is strain also normalized to the parameters of engineering strain?

I get that you normalize stress to engineering stress, so that it is independent of the cross sectional area. This means you can calculate (roughly) the stress needed to elongate the specimen to the ...
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How small can you get a stream of molten steel to be at low pressure?

I'm designing a crucible / extruder, and right now it has a .6mm hole to extrude from. Will this work? A chart with various metals listed would be nice. Pictures: Click to expand
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What is the strongest known *metallic* material which can be used on Earth?

The discovery of nanotubes and graphene has pushed the limit of material strength high enough that building a space elevator could be managable. But most of the new materials are created from carbon ...
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Springback in carbon/HSLA steel - cold forming

What are the measurements denoted on top of the YS-t steel lines? Material thickness or bend radius? ...
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