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Springback in carbon/HSLA steel - cold forming

What are the measurements denoted on top of the YS-t steel lines? Material thickness or bend radius? ...
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Bend a metal strip to a different axis

How can I bend a metal strip (3 inches x 3 feet x 1/32th) in a different axis? I know it would need a few compound bends, but can't figure out the math. Preferably straight vends instead of just ...
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How to shape sheet metal like Willys hood latch?

I am want to produce Willys' hood latches like links below Hood latch link 1 Hood latch link 2 Hood latch link 3 What kind of metal shaping process is this? Even I could not figure the mold out.
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Which K-factor (metal bending) is defined first, ANSI or DIN?

Description We had been through several issues with K-factor handling of two teams due to the same name assigned by different standards. ANSI and DIN has defined the same term for the same purpose. ...
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Kfactor for laminated steel plates rolling

I need to make a flat pattern for a cylinder made from a steel plate 44mm thick laminated with explosion cladding stainless steel plate of 8mm total plate thickness is 52mm. How I usually work is ...
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