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Ansys Mechanical Section Plane Error

I'm attempting to make a deformation analysis for a specific scenario in Ansys Mechanical. Everything seems to be fine, but when I try to use a section plane, the deformed region appears to be 'hollow,...
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My ANSYS model meshing is showing problem where I don't see my model and small blue rectangle appears. Is there any way to solve this?

I'm new to ANSYS and just started using it. I encountered a problem when I click the model option; ANSYS Mechanical opens, but there is this blue rectangle, which is supposed to be big and show my ...
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Error message in ANSYS Fluent setup

While trying to run a simulation in ANSYS Fluent, I am getting this error message : Error at Node 0: Normalized key of 26982 is out of range [0, 27030]. This error message comes when I try to run the ...
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How to preserve edge grading of rotated edges in ICEM CFD?

I have a 2D axisymmetric geometry for which I am generating block-structured mesh in ICEM. I am converting this 2D block setup to a 3D block setup by rotating the 2D blocks using a dedicated option in ...
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Hexamesh of a helical coil in ICEM CFD

I am trying to mesh a helical coil segment in ICEM CFD. My approach is to create a 3d block at the start of the geometry, and then extrude it along the center curve: However, when I do this I end up ...
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In Ansys ICEM CFD, what do these "cube" symbols on the midpoint of block edges mean?

When I was meshing a helical coil, I've noticed these "cube" symbols located at the midpoint of a the block's edges: Blocks with these symbols tend to have a lot of strange/unpredictable ...
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Can one connect Starlink router with the Mesh via ethernet cable?

I know that with the Starlink ethernet adapter one can connect to the router or mesh with the ethernet cable. My question is: is it possible to connect Starlink router with the Starlink mesh via ...
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Mesh convergence and its affect on results

Let’s say I had a mesh with 10000 nodes, then made another with 13000 nodes, why would the finer one give me slightly different results to the other even if it appears like results converged? Also, ...
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Structured trianglar finite element mesh in MATALB

The available triangular mesh in the MATLAB PDE tool box here gives an unstructured triangular mesh. How can I get a structured triangular mesh from the tool box with a similar data structure [p,e,t]. ...
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Workbench Ansys Mesh Convergence study

Is it possible to perform a mesh study using Ansys? So I want to change the mesh size, and show the effect of this on my solutions, any suggestions?
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Why does the mesh size affect my modal analysis results?

The need for mesh refinement in a structural analysis module such as Static or Transient is quite clear; if we want the overall results such as displacement and stresses to be more accurate within the ...
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What is meant by Solid Mesh and Surface Mesh? [closed]

Solid Mesh vs Surface Mesh, which method should I choose in simulation studies. What is the geometry behind these meshes. Which mesh gives accurate results?
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Mesh part failed in solidworks issue

This assembly is extremely hard to mesh. Even, if I used an extremely finer mesh and took a long time to solve, it still keep failing. This model can be found at
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How to export 'simplified' geometry from Simulation workspace in Fusion 360 to ANSYS Mechanical?

I would like to export the defeatured version of my design to ANSYS. I tried adopting the following methods but they weren't working out. (
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Flat root spline vs filet root spline: what's the difference

I'm looking at a hobby micro servo, which has a 5mm splined shaft output. Specifically, this is a Tower Pro model SG90 or clone. Close-up photos of the shaft below. I've found online diagrams for ...
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Unable to do anything with the mesh imported from blender

I made an object in Blender (default cube), then exported it to STL, then imported this STL into Solidworks. Now I see this ...
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Shell vs. solid elements for a fatigue analysis using FEM

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using quads (shells) vs using hexas (solid) in my mesh for a fatigue analysis using a finite element software. Thanks.
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How to determine the deflection of a wire mesh under wind load?

I am trying to extend a metal wire mesh over a large distance, while tensioning it to limit the deflection of the mesh due to the wind as much as possible. After doing some research I came across ...
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Airfoil meshing using ANSYS

Logged in a little time ago i have a new question. So I am trying to mesh an arifoil geometry using ANSYS meshing. Airfoil number is NACA 84-M profile. Running 2-D simulation my main objective is to ...
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Meshing Complex models in abaqus

I'm trying to mesh a model of a morphing wing in Abaqus and have been running into issues. It was recommended that I partition the model into smaller parts, but it seems that the more I try to ...
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What does mesh topology mean?

What is a mesh topology? I have read this term being used in a lot of articles dealing with meshing the computational domain, but could not understand its intuitive meaning. And why is topology called ...
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Trouble with Base circle and meshing with spur gears

I am a novice who is trying to make some gears. I have followed the formula's but sadly something seems to go wrong and the gear's don't come out right. Below is some dimensions and pictures. Gear 1 ...
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Turbulence model for low reynolds problem

I'm simulating the flow in a capillary with a sudden expansion. The small capillary has a diamater of 250 µm. The big capillar has a diamater of 1000 µm. My flow rate ist $ 1\frac{ml}{min} $. Using ...
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is there any other ways to refine mesh size in particular place without making a partition?

I am currently making a corroded model in Abaqus, but not all locations are suffering from corrosion. As shown in the picture there are some parts (the blue parts) that do suffer from corrosion, so ...
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Are there other finite element types besides the usual?

By finite element type I specifically mean element geometry. I am aware of Beam/Strut, Quad, Tri, Tet & Hex but are there other types, eg a hexagonal prism, rhombihedral etc.. ?
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What is a good method (equation) for locally refining a 1D grid at each end?

I have a grid that I plan to discretize in 1D. It extends from 0 to L using N nodes, and I need to refine it at each end. I plan to have something that looks as follows: I have tried the to specify ...
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Marching Voxel FEA Mesh

I'm working on an FEA model and my mesher uses a "Marching Voxel method" I'm wondering what the relationship is between mesh size and computation time is? I.e. if I half the mesh size (1mm to 0.5mm) ...
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How to remove a 'mesh edit' item in ANSYS Workbench?

I accidentally inserted a mesh edit item and tried moving a node, but now can't remove it. The context menu doesn't have any helpful options and I don't see any relating tools in toolbars. How to ...
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Efficient 3D mesh topology for CFD simulation of turbine blade

I´m developing a tool to generate an openFoam wind tunnel case of a wind turbine. I already have the blade geometry constructed, but I'm really new to CFD and parametric meshing. I found some ...
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Meshing of complex geometrical domains

When using the finite element method, I have always used either already meshed domains or very simple ones. From what I've heard, meshing complex geometries is often outsourced to specialized ...
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