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How does a cable-laying ship retrieve a partly-laid cable?

I was reading an article in the press this week about a project to lay an undersea cable across the Tasman Sea. The ship had had to return to port for repairs and return to complete the job later. ...
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Hydrogen in submarines: "keep below 8%" rule of thumb?

In the book "Against the Tide: Rickover's Leadership Principles and the Rise of the Nuclear Navy", Rear Admiral Dave Oliver (Ret.) narrates some of his experiences in the USS George Washington Carver, ...
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Detergency and dispersancy

Abstract:The detergency property in oil comes from a chemical additive called detergent which has a property of preventing the deposition of carbon deposits and wash it away. There is also this ...
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Can a design where syringes draw and push water to manipulate buoyancy be classified as a buoyancy engine?

Beginner question here: So my partner and I are trying to design a buoyancy engine where a motor operates a ball screw that draws and pushes syringes in order to draw and push water in the syringes(...
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How to calculate the force required to tip a floating dock

If I have the following I'd like to determine how wide the base of a floating dock would need to be to prevent tipping under certain weather conditions (wind & waves) I'd like to build a modular ...
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Is the metacentric height independent of heel angle?

when the sides of a pontoon are verticle, BM(distance between center of buoyancy and metacenter) is given by I/V As well as for a small angle that expression is true. But when the heel angle ...