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How to Calculate Maximum Safe Load for M6 Thread in .118in Steel

I am working on a project designing a pendent speaker. The speaker will be housed in a steel ball and suspended from the ceiling using an M6 eyebolt component. The overall weight to be suspended will ...
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Load distribution for a load centered over the length of the middle joist in a 3-joist system

I'm not an engineer, but I'm trying to understand the correct analysis for what seems like a pretty simple case. I'd like to know what the effective load on the middle joist is. ...
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Steel plate to distribute load on top of joists

I've tried using various calculators but that has just confused me even more so I'll describe my scenario and hopefully I can get some answers. In the picture above, each item is described below A: ...
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Distributing force / load across two measurement devices (load cells)

I am looking to measure the force applied (in this case by a foot to a pedal). I have a working prototype that allows up to 450N of force, but wish to double this. The load cell I have been using is ...
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Weight distribution of human on one foot in middle of plywood

Question: If a 300 lb uniform load is distributed over 24 inch^2 (estimated area of foot), and I add a 6x6 3/4" plywood centered underneath this uniform load, what is the remaining load carried ...
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How to convert multiple point loads to uniformly distributed load

So I am working on a project with variables on how many point loads may be applied over a single span. Both ends are fixed, this is a constant. For example, I may have a beam which is 6m in overall ...
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Can the power of a diesel electric generator, installed in a factory, escape into the national grid?

Say that there are two factories connected to the same 20 kV medium voltage line (see Fig. 1). Each of them has 400 V motors that consume power by turning some machines acting as mechanical loads. One ...
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How to calculate max load on a custom hitch?

Non engineer here. I'm interested in a conservative calculation of max trailer load for existing frame members for a truck I have. The truck is rated at ~8800lbs towing when stock and with a ...
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Would exceeding the snow load duration factor guarantee a collapse?

The snow load duration factor is 1.15 times the standard 10-year sustained maximum load rating as long as the accumulated time under this load is not more than 2 months. Does this mean that a. the ...
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Does the corbel angle govern in this scenario? If not, how is load spreading allowed for, when a load is supported by a wall on a beam

The following outline is inspired by something I noticed today and couldn't figure out. It shows what I guess is a fairly common generic situation - an upper floor masonry partition wall supported by ...
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