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C# classes through labVIEW?

I haven't worked a lot in labview, but I know we write c# class libraries to help our labview testing. I am writing some hardware testing through a c# class library project where I am using interfaces ...
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Labview: Changing while loop condition not working

I have a while loop that is set to terminate upon false but I would like to change to terminate upon true. I'm supposed to be able to right click on the termination condition to change it but it's not ...
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Labview math operations with fractions

Is there a simple way to do multiplication by a fraction in Labview? If I want to multiply by like 9/5s I could obviously put 1.8 and multiply that or do a separate operation to first divide 9 by 5 ...
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How to derive a value from a transfer function

I have a scenario where a valve q_in(t) is pumping water into a tank of height h(t) and area A, which is then pumped out by a second valve q_out(t) that has a resistance to water flow R. I got this ...
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How to resolve file space issue on CDAQ Controller with Labview Test System?

Question: I am currently encountering Hard Drive Memory space issue to store file on a National Instruments based CDAQ Tester. I am using Labview 2013 SP1 and have to all the software load in the ...
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Logistic regression in LabVIEW

I am using a psychophysical model to calculate the probability (P) of detecting an electrical stimulus to the skin (amplitude = x) over time (t): \begin{equation} P(x;\alpha(t),\beta) = \dfrac{1}{1+e^...
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Programmable parameter change of Pro/E simulation by using Excel VBA , Matlab, Labview or Pro/E own function

Now, I've been conducting beam simulation by using Pro/E. I would like to change payload(force) of beam step by step, and then plot the relation between deflection and payload(load range : 50kg to ...
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Unable to install Actuators to a LABVIEW based Engineering Test System

I need to install an actuators to LABVIEW base test system because the old actuators are defective. We cannot purchase the old actuators because they are obsolete. The old actuators communicated using ...
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LabView or another software for experiments [closed]

I used LabView for a lot of my BME undergrad, but the labs focused mainly on things dealing electrical signals. In the real world I'm working mostly on ME projects, but we lack a good deal of ...
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