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ISO standards for drawing reserve equiptment in P&IDs

Let's say you have two pumps, one always running and the other in reserve. Maybe they're switched regularly, or maybe the other is only used when the first is broken/down for maintenance. In a P&...
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Where to find a complete overview for ISO P&ID standards?

I have tons of questions in regard to what is, and isn't, in accordance with ISO standards when drawing P&IDs. So, I'm looking for a resource which gives a complete overview of the standards. ...
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What specific technical concerns exist for China's Three Gorges damn on the Yangtze river?

Recently, many people (specifically geopolitical and financial analysts) have pointed out that there is a serious concern about China's Three Gorges Dam breaking and causing catastrophic flooding that ...
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US customary units below 1 mil/thou?

I have been asked to provide some of our technical docs in both metric and US units. For the most part, that is easy enough: approx 1cm → approx 1/2" 500μm → 0.02" But then I start getting stuck: ...
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Is there such thing as supreme board for international arbitrators?

My cousin is a mechanical engineer, got contacted today from someone who claimed to be working for the supreme board for international arbitrators (sbia) and ICAC in the Middle East and north Africa ...
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Pound-force (lbf) vs Pound-mass (lbm)

Given: My thermodynamics text reads as follows: In SI units, the force unit is the newton ($N$), and it is defined as the force required to accelerate a mass of $1\cdot kg$ at a rate of $1\cdot\frac{...
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What is the process of transferring an engineering license from the United States to Germany?

The United States have different rules about exactly how one obtains an engineering license, but the general process is the FE exam, a few years of work, and the PE exam. Suppose one then wishes to ...
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