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Simulation modelling/ Digital twin of Injection molding process?

How can we make a digital twin of the Injection molding process in a production line? My idea is to do predictive maintenance and predict following downtime based on historical time series data of the ...
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Valox 420 30% glass wear

I am seeking assistance regarding thermoplastic material wear on a new product I am developing. The attached image is molded out of Valox 420 30% glass. In the left side image, the locking dents are ...
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Improving O-Ring/flapper valve injection mold ->non-engineer

I make specialized flapper valves that are similar to O-Rings. The current model uses aluminum sheets as base disks that adhere to the rubber (2 part urethane). The rubber is poured into the waxed ...
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Is this shape possible with injection moulding?

I want to build a DIY case with the connector shown in the pictures below. As you can see, it consists of a circular plastic that extrudes from the main enclosure. Inside there is something that can ...
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Polymer material selection for injection molding

I'm trying to select injection moulding materials, and need some assistance to find the right products. I have a component that is made up 2 parts; an inner insert and an outer overmould. Originally ...
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How to export fiber orientation from Moldex3D R14

I need to prepare simulation with fiber orientation using digimat and abaqus. As for injection molding simulation I have only Moldex3D at my disposal, unfortunately it is completely new software for ...
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Injection molding: What is best for a dual cavity single mold?

I would like to understand what's the best optimization in terms of design for a single mold, dual cavity of a two-part box (top and bottom parts) which should be hold together with 4 screws without ...
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Pneumatic cylinder extension rod preloading

I've been working on converting a 500Kg pneumatic press to use it for injection molding. In order to do that though I'd like to raise the cylinder up maybe 12". So I fabricated 4 5/8 CR rods and ...
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How was this toy made?

This is a toy for infants. My son was playing with it, and I started wondering how you could manufacture this. I can't think of any reasonably cheap way it could be done. I believe it's made of ...
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