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Period of oscilation of thin plate in the form of circular section

A thin plate of mass m in the form of a circular section of radius R and angle alpha is hanged to oscillate back and fort from a horizontal support. Find its period of oscillation. I am confused how ...
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What happens if we have a rotating shaft with high RPM but very little torque?

If there are heavy components mounted on it, what will happen? I think it accelerates very slowly, but reaches at the highest RPM at the end because torque is equal to angular acceleration * moment ...
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Tensor of inertia of a curved beam

I need help calculating the inertia tensor for a curved beam. I found the formulas for this in the article[page 20, Appendix A] and decided to ...
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Mass inertia tensor for rod non-symmetric regarding coordinate system origin

I want to express the inertia tensor of a rotating rod (total length $L_1$) to use it in Lagrange mechanics for expressing the kinetic energy associated to the rotation with angular velocity $\dot{\...
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Inertia relief in ANSYS - rotating model

I'm trying to use ANSYS to solve statically a dynamic problem. As shown in the image below, there is an orange bar that is constraint to slide horizontally only and attached to another bar (pink) ...
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How would I find the Second Moment of Area of a Parallelogram?

How would I find the second moment of area of a parallelogram, as shown?
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Second Moment of Inertia (or Second Moment of Area) of Beam Section

I need to calculate the moment of Inertia Iyz but I find 0 information online about how to get it or solve it in a real problem, only that is equal to $$\bar{I}_{yz}=\int yz\text{ d}A$$ How can I ...
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