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Can wireless charging become more energy efficient?

I've stumbled upon a few articles saying that wireless charging takes more energy to charge something compared to the cable. Like this one. Like in the test from the article, it takes 47.33 % more ...
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Generation of Electrostatic induction

I need to generate a 500 volt electrostatic charge. How can I do this? I don't have a Van de Graaff generator. What are some practical suggestions? Basically I want to do experiment in which I need to ...
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Transformers with no load [closed]

Could someone please explain why, when there is no secondary load, the applied voltage of the primary roughly equals the back EMF of the primary? Since the primary coil is an inductor I wondered ...
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Efficiency of wireless charging for moving cars

The UK is about to start trials of wireless charging for moving cars. What kind of power transfer efficiency is likely to be achievable in such a system, compared to just plugging in the car directly?...
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