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Max. realistic velocity / flow rate through pipe, limited know variables

I'm trying to figure out a way to calculate the maximum (realistically*) possible velocity/flow rate through a pipe, when only following limited factors are known: viscosity of the fluid (water) pipe ...
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How do i choose the most optimal turbine (Style, pitch, size...) for a very small scale Hydropower project?

I have a project in which I am designing a lightweight, portable hydropower system, and I'm unsure of how exactly I am to choose the correct style of turbine. For context, the turbine is only really ...
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Estimating circular pipe flow velocity through a known elevation profile and known length with a known initial pressure and flow velocity

I have a known elevation profile spanning the length of my pipe (~600 meters). An elevation value is given for every five meters of pipe. At the beginning of the pipe, I have a known velocity (1.1 m/s)...
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Suction hose or regular PVC hose?

I had a liquid filling machine to which on the suction side I had applied regular PVC hose Some time back I had a problem that after some use the hose was beginning to breathe air. How do I know it ...
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Can a horizontal ground collector heat pump be installed on a 30% slope?

I'm considering what type of heat pump (air-to-water or ground-to-water) to install for a house in hilly terrain in Central Germany, to replace an old oil heater from the 1990s. The house has a 750 m²...
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How is flowrate generated by a pump related to it's supply?

Let's imagine this situation There is some hydrostatic pressure in the supply tank which causes ...
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Open-ended pipe under water, pressure vs. flow when pump starts up

A pipe with a pump and two open ends is placed under water. When the pump is initially turned on, will the pressure at P_out and P_in initially rise/fall, but then stabilize as a flow of water V_flux ...
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"reversing pump" in closed water circuit, can water pumped reach further than wave length?

In a closed water circuit with a reversing pump. If the wavelength of how far water pressure wave (positive and negative) reaches during one pump/suction cycle is much shorter than the length of the ...
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Find pressure, given 2 velocities at open end of pipe and inside pipe, at different elevations

There is a tube travelling horizontally, 8m below the ground, with a diameter 15cm. It then turns upwards and at a height of 1.75m above the ground, it shoots water out with a velocity 32 m/s. Find ...
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Can saline water be used in a hydro storage system and would the ambient temperature or higher liquid viscosity affect performance?

In regards to this question: How to determine the efficacy and potential energy of hydro power energy storage?. I'm searching for a cheap liquid that I can use for a small scale pumped hydro storage. ...
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Any scientific research papers on electromagnetic active valves using variable viscosity electromagnetic fluids?

I know the title is quite a mouthful, but let me explain (also, I couldn't find anything on the subject, maybe because I'm using the wrong words). I saw some time ago a video about a variable ...
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Would it be possible to harness the energy flow from a continuous water system?

I’m working on a project to put Archimedes screw turbines into drains and sewerage water. However, as an experimental project I wanted to test out an idea to evaluating turbine degrees and flow rate ...
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How do water tunnel experiments compare to wind tunnel experiments?

I recently stumbled across the water tunnel videos by this guy: He states that for his "high flow" experiments the water speed is at 0.668 m/s. The car ...
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