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Questions about the flow and use of fluids.

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How to calculate flow rate of water through a pipe?

If a water pipe is 15 mm diameter and the water pressure is 3 bar, assuming the pipe is open ended, is it possible to calculate the flow rate or water velocity in the pipe? Most of the calculations I ...
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Calculating Minimum Pipe Pressure Requirement for an Irrigation System

I am setting up an irrigation system for my ranch and I have a hard time calculating the minimum pipe pressure requirements to reduce cost. I need to know the maximum pressure the pipe has to cope ...
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Motor for a hydraulic pump in a hydraulic system

I am a complete beginner to hydraulic systems, and I've wanted to learn more about this area. I'm designing a hydraulic system that involves using hydraulics to push/pull objects using pistons. I have ...
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Fluid mechanics - how to calculate flow distribution in piping network?

I am trying to build flexible, visual tool to calculate flow distribution through the piping network (mobile hydraulics). I have root node of the network which has defined flow and pressure inputs. ...
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How many pistons are used in Excavator Engine and how they coupled with pumps?

As I am examining the components of a Caterpillar 323D hydraulic excavator, I would like to inquire about the specifics of its diesel engine. Can you provide information on the number of pistons and ...
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Hydraulic Brakes - Why motorcycle brakes more powerful than bicycle brakes?

I was wondering why motorcycle brakes have so much more stopping power than bicycle hydraulic brakes (Than can be found on mountain bikes for example). The rotor has a bigger size which gives better ...
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Would connecting a small hydraulic pump to a larger hydraulic motor result in force multiplication?

In a hydrostatic transmission system, hydraulic pumps drive hydraulic motors (basically a reverse pump). If you were use a smaller hydraulic pump as an input and a bigger hydraulic motor as the ...
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