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how do i formulate a kalman filter for an upwash coefficient?

I want to make a kalman filter that will estimate the upwash coefficient $C_{\alpha_{up}}$ my state vector: $ X_k=[u \ v \ w \ C_{\alpha_{up}} ]^T $ My measurement vector: $ Z_k =[\alpha_m \ \beta_m ...
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How to draw a isometric view of the block in the picture below?

Can anyone give me some guidance with this question? I'm finding it a bit difficult.How is the object suppose to look like?
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How do I draw a circuit for a conducting loop inside a solenoid?

To solve a homework problem, I need to redraw the following diagram in circuit form. The large blue circle represents the solenoid. Inside the solenoid, the two gray semicircles represent a wire loop,...
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Differences on methods of solution on problem

It is asked to find the velocity and acceleration of the plataform: Determine the velocity and acceleration of platform $P$ as a function of the angle of cam $C$ if the cam rotates with a constant ...
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Calculating two diagonal forces

When I tried to calculate the force exerted on the rope 'a' I get that it is equal to 5N when the block has a force of 10N. Do I instead need to divide by 30 since the sum of the two angles is 30 ...
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Filler material effect on metal

Okay, my teacher said that if a filler material is added to metal it is possible with increasing filler content to observer: Yield strength increase, Young modulus decrease, Resilience and elongation ...
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