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Designing a tea strainer: Plastic vs stainless steel

Some time ago, I finished designing a tea strainer and I had a prototype printed from a certain heat resistant type of plastic ( ...
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Optical table without holes

Most optical tables have holes. Are there also optical tables without holes? Or do these things have a different name?
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Drafting - Specifying multiple hole quantities

First post in this stack but curious on if there is a 'right' answer (within Australian or ISO standard) for how to quantify numerous holes of same size/properties on a drawing. In the past I've seen (...
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Is it acceptable to use a hand reamer on an X-Y CNC machined hole?

I would like to seat some bearings into a piece of aluminum, and I only have access to a small CNC machine. The CNC has ball screws and is calibrated to maybe 50um error in the actual travel on x and ...
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