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Carnot COP of Brine-water Heatpump

The maximum reachable efficiency for a heat pump can be calculated using Lorenz/Carnot cycle: $COP = \frac{T_H}{T_H - T_C}$ Where as the $T_H$ is the target temperature and $T_C$ is the reservoir ...
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Help me choose an approach to gpu cooler design

I want to remake my gpu's cooler cause the original fans have a terrible bearing sound on low rpm and no amount of software solution helped. Anyway, I want to use 3x nf-a9x14 pwm 92mm fans as its fits ...
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Soldering in vice - Avoiding Heat Sink

I have a job where I need to solder a brass tube at a precision 90 degree perpendicular angle to a piece of round stock. My current idea was to use a spring loaded center to hold the tube upright at a ...
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Can I weld a copper pipe into a CPU heat sink for better cooling?

I have an old laptop which I revived with the addition of a SSD. The problem now with this laptop is that it gets very hot causing thermal shutdowns in the middle of work. I thought of a lot of ...
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Thermocouple Values Fluctuating

I am trying to measure the surface temperature of a cold plate using K-Type thermocouples. However, the temperature reading on the scope is fluctuating tremendously. IGBTs are attached on the cold ...
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Is a block designed for water cooling effective at dry transmission of heat?

I’m working on a project involving a thermoelectric cooler, and options for small aluminum or copper blocks have been few and far between. However, I found many cheap aluminum and copper blocks on ...
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Vertical aluminum rebar, heatsink for driveways?

I am wondering why this does not exist: After substrate, before laying a concrete or asphalt driveway, drive 9'+ lengths of aluminum rebar with large plates at the head (imagine a very long nail) into ...
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Filling gaps in heatsink design to improve thermal conductance?

I am currently pondering modifying my laptop's heatsink and am curious whether I stand to gain any benefit at all. The CPU and GPU (similar heatsink design) reach high temperatures (90°C +) under load ...
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Heat transfer Calculation, for Cooling for an aluminium box

To go into more detail, I basically have a controller and its housing is basically an aluminium box that I need to add heat sinks to. But first I need to calculate how much heat is being dissipated by ...
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Most efficient orientation of exhaust vents on top plate of chassis for air flow with regard to heatsink fins?

I'm looking for some advice from an ME or anyone who understands heat transfer,convection, etc. I'm currently laying out in Inkscape a top panel for an audio amplifier I'm building. Now, my question ...
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How does the Xbox Series X "Heat-sink chassis" work?

I understand what a heatsink does, but I cannot wrap my head around how the newly announced Xbox Series X's heat-sink chassis works. From Xbox: Heat-sink chassis A heat sink is a non-electronic, ...
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