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What ramping constraints for gas plant - CCGT, combustion and steam turbine?

I am using the publication Current and Prospective Costs of Electricity Generation until 2050 to source ramping constraints for an economic model of three different gas power plants - CCGT, combustion ...
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How to know whether the flow is supersonic in a nozzle?

For a project I had built a convergent divergent nozzle designed for Mach number = 3. In that project, I could know the flow has gone supersonic by seeing the manometer fixed between the throat and ...
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How is gas flow through (extremely long) pipelines monitored and controlled?

(This is closely linked with measuring the Mach number inside a nozzle but it is not regarding the supersonic flow) Friction and heat transfer have effects on the Mach number of the compressible flow ...
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Velocity of flue gases through a pipe

I was wondering if there is any equation that helps to calculate flue gas velocity through a pipe? Can I use the Poiseuille Equation to solve this problem by assuming the flue gas is acting as a ...
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