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Fuel pipe from pump to carburettor has inner dia constriction

Here is the image of a fuel pipe I am talking, when I replaced this with a normal pipe the one's without any constriction, the engine idles perfectly fine, but bogs on acceleration, Since the pipe ...
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Enthalpy of Fuels

I am running some analysis on an engine cycle through matlab using TMATS with Cantera. I am looking to change the fuel from the default to a blend of ammonia and hydrogen. In order to do this I have ...
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How do cars move, it seems inexplicable (to me)? [closed]

Confiteor, I have only a rudimentary knowledge of how machines work. I'll be discussing fossil fuel engines only. First off, I have a block of iron, B. I find a pan balance. I place B in one of the ...
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Unstuffed to Stuffed Two Stroke Engine

I'm working on a Puch e50 Engine. The original engine used an unstuffed crank that had bushings instead of bearings. I've rebuilt the engine using new seals, bearings, and an aftermarket stuffed ...
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Would there be a flame front in this case of combustion

Suppose a piston enclosing an amount of air-fuel mixture and then this piston compresses the mixture to the point of auto ignition, if every part of the mixture ignite simultaneously is it safe to say ...
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Diesel fuel valve outdoors: Gate, Globe, or Ball?

Real world question: We need to replace an internally failed (cannot shut) gate valve installed as a shut-off valve on a 2" Diesel fuel line exposed to weather (roof top) and operating at less ...
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Building an Electric Fuel Transfer Pump System

A bit of background as to why I'm looking to build this and what it needs to accomplish. I race motorcycles and as part of my prep work before each session of a race day (usually 3-4 times per race ...
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Inaccurate flow rate measurements of an engine diesel fuel due to change of its viscosity

I am measuring the volumetric flow rate of a diesel fuel using "Turbines" flow meter, both in the supply and return fuel lines of an industrial diesel engine (Caterpillar 3512B – coupled ...
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Which is fuel efficient, roadways transport vs waterways transport? [closed]

Which will be more efficient in term of fuel price: Transport via roadways, say truck or motor vehicle. Transport via waterways, say via ship or motor boat. Assumptions: Same caliber engines (same ...
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Aluminium Bolt in Titanium Casing: Any Dangers of (Contact-)Corrosion?

Assumed we have a fuel flask that is made of titanium. The bottle will be filled with white gasoline when used. At the bottleneck there is a standardized thread manufactured into the titanium. Are ...
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Do sea oil platforms use the oil they extract to power their engines?

I'm currently studying oil extraction and learned that the engines are powered by electricity or diesel. Probably there are other types of fuel used as well. By engines I mean the pumps that extract ...
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When designing a carburetor, is the air to fuel ratio calculated or just experimentally adjusted?

Does anyone actually calculate carburetors air to fuel ratio when designing one in practice? You would have to calculate the flowrate of air, the pressure drop, the rate of flow due to pressure ...
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Can an empty aviation fuel tank blow up

At the end of the James Bond movie View to a kill, the aeroplane runs out of fuel - both the propellers stop and the plane glides. There are holes at the bottom of the tank so all the fuel has ...
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Is it ok to use a "4-cycle only" fuel in a 2-cycle motor with mixed oil?

I have some Tru-Fuel, which is an ethanol-free gasoline. Ethanol free gasoline is needed in small engines because ethanol can degrade rubber gaskets and cause other problems like gumming up ...
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