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Why are the phase indicators different between the open loop bode plot and the closed loop bode plot?

I have an open-loop transfer function G num=105*conv([1 1],[1 2 43.25]); den=conv([2 0 0],conv([1 2 82],[1 2 101])); G=tf(num,den); and a closed-loop function of G/(1+G). Here are the open-loop bode ...
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3 votes
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Getting the damping ratio from a frequency response function v.s. transfer function

I'm trying to find the damping values of a specimen, based on sweeping the forcing frequency from 0-10 kHz. As shown in the diagram, I measure the input force from the shaker, and the subsequent ...
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Where do I start with learning how to transfer data via RF

So I literally have no idea where to start but I know what I want to make. The goal is to somehow transmit 25mb/s of data across 15km with high penetration. Acceptable for reaching through trees and ...
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why Type III systems has at least two gain margins?

I heard the following statement if we have a type III system, or one that has three or more low-frequency poles that we're closing around, then we ...
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Contradiction of bandwidth and damping

I am studying control theory and mechanical vibrations. From control theory aspect, I know that bandwidth and response time is inversely proportional, which means bandwidth and damping as well. But in ...
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