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2D frame analysis by open-source Lua code

There are great apps for 2D frame analysis like the one mentioned here: I'm just wondering if anyone knows an open-source Lua code for 2D frame ...
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Why does/doesn't this structure qualify as a truss/frame?

I am learning about the basics of truss analysis in mechanics. As part of this, I learnt that a truss/frame is composed of at least 3 members, its joints are pinned and that any loading is applied at ...
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Displacement as a function of the force and the properties of the frame I and J

I was wondering how you would find the stiffness matrix of a triangular frame with unknown angles. A little context The pumpjack model involves a triangular frame on which the rocking beam is ...
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Jibs fastening in a frame structure

I need to make a demountable frame for cycling trials: I want to make it based on steel profile square tubes: The design must have variable dimensions and slopes. I guess provide variable dimensions ...
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Displacement vectors and linearised angles vectors from local finite element frame to rotated global frame

$s=R\tilde{s}$ is fine, but why $\theta=R\tilde{\theta}$? Namely: why vectors of linearised rotations $\theta_i$ and $\theta_j$ (at nodes $I$ and $j$ respectively) are rotated like they were vector ...
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How can I measure the frame drop of a camera?

I've been using LED lights controlled by Arduino to examine a camera's frame drop (30fps). Each light is on for 16ms and off for 34ms. However, because I don't know the precise timing of the LEDs ...
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Symmetry to determine the support reactions of a statically indeterminate frame

The following is an indeterminate frame consisting of two beams that are rigidly connected to each other at the corner support. I want to find the support reactions. As far as I can see, this is a ...
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Locking joints and frame construction

I'm designing a large light art project and I've been trying to find kits that could essentially make lattice-like structures. For example how stages and cranes have lattice structures. The idea would ...
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What Are The Recommended Binding Methods For A Carbon Fibre Chassis Frame?

I'm looking for a simple way (that doesn't require high pressure chambers or state of the art tools) to permanently bind a set of carbon fibre pieces in order to make the frame of a chassis that could ...
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How to rescrew a pull up bar

Is there a way to fix a pull up bar when the tip screwed right off and won't screw on again? The thread hole hits the screw (detail) and just clunks there, spinning round and round without latching.
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Rules of thumb in the design of stringers and frames for hull design

In the design of boat hulls (and aircraft) reduction in material thickness is important and the hull is usually made as an assembly (welded or riveted) with stringers and frames. The design of ...
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