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Best way to build kick start lever for motorcycle

Let's say I want to build a new kick start lever for my bike, what's the best way to make one? Is it (Hot/Cold) Forging or Casting? I'm looking for the materials too, do you think chro-moly steel a ...
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can simply beating cast material with a hammer inside a mold improve it's strength

I asked my material-science professor if forging a cast part (inside a mold to prevent shape change) can increase its strength to that of a forged part. She told me to find out myself and tell the ...
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Is it practical to make a solar furnace for small scale metal production?

Solar furnaces using mirrors to concentrate sunlight on a small area do not produce much power - perhaps 1kW per square metre of mirror - but can reach very high temperatures. From the earliest ...
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Production technology for hexagonal shaft ?

The shaft is the most important element in my machine, so i rather prefer forging for production technology, the circumscribed circle of the shaft is about 140 mm and the length is about 1400 mm. ...
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Is it feasible to forge multiple, smaller parts in the same forging operation?

Let us assume you have a large forging press or drophammer, and drawings for a set of smaller parts that all need to be forged from the same material. Would it be feasible to construct a forging die ...
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How can I calculate backward extrusion force

I am interested in finding a way to calculate the force necessary to do a backwards extrusion. Typically these would be for forgings 0.5 to 3" in diameter (or square) of different kinds of steel. The ...
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What are typical forging loads?

What are typical forging loads for various metals and configurations? I know that the typical test for a metal is to upset a 0.750" high x 0.500" diameter cylinder to a height of 0.5", but could not ...
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