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Can rifling be etched onto a bullet for spin stabilization when fired from a smoothbore gun?

I understand rifled barrels can impart spin onto a bullet to help spin stabilize it in flight. Is it possible to "rifle" a bullet to impart spin on itself when fired through a smoothbore gun ...
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Why do 40mm Grenade launchers have short barrels?

Wouldnt they have more muzzle velocity and range if the barrels were longer? Is it because of increased recoil? If yes, could a longer barrel be used without increasing the recoil and if so how?
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How to make an L7 tank gun eject with more force

I'm looking into tank autoloaders, and something that eludes me is how modern tank guns eject. I know there is a pair of "ears" that push against the case rim, but the precise mechanism ...
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Is this a rifle or a shotgun? [closed]

According to a Meta Post I found this is the right place to ask this kind of question. I apparently can't find the post anymore but it pointed towards this subsite. Yesterday I had an argument (for ...
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Why is the carrier block in a winchester rifle made of brass?

In a Winchester 1873, the carrier block is the part that moves a cartridge from the magazine up to the chamber, and that pushes the previously spent shell up out of the top of the rifle. It moves back ...
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Why do recoilless rifle ammunition still have casings?

Recoiless guns have breeches that allow gas to escape out of the back of the gun. Therefore, theres no sealing action to be performed by the casing. Why is ammunition with perforated cases used, when ...
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How does Milkor MGL Granade Launcher's trigger and cylinder mechanism work

I want to know how does Milkor MGL's trigger and cylinder work. In particular, I am interested in how exactly the trigger action switches the cylinder among the cartridge chambers. As far as i know, ...
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Why are pump action rifles so uncommon compared to bolt-action rifles?

Pump action seems to be a faster way to cycle a weapon compared to bolt action and it's a rather simple action, unlike straight-pull bolt which are more prone to malfunction. It almost seems like a ...
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What are the advantages of the slide in semi-automatic pistol design?

A majority of semi-automatic pistols (revolvers excluded) have a spring-loaded component called slide as a part of their firing mechanism. Although historically there are designs without a slide, (...
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Improvements in ammunition design?

In a news article today the reporter claims that modern improvements in "ammunition design" have made long rife barrels unnecessary for assault weapons. Here is the paragraph: The 20-inch barrel ...
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Does negative pressure inside the barrel affect low-powered railguns?

Just something I was wondering about when I've seen this on reddit today. Unlike in firearms where the pressure propels the projectile, in a railgun, wouldn't the pressure ahead/behind of the ...
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What is the simplest spring system that could produce recoil absorption comparable to that exhibited by the AA-12 assault shotgun?

In this video, the video emphasises the very low recoil level of the AA-12 fully automatic shotgun. In particular, at this point in the video the presenter uses one hand to relatively lightly grip the ...
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Why does AN-94 have higher burst fire than its cyclic rate?

AN-94 is an assault rifle of Russian design chambered in 5.45 caliber. It is claimed to be state-of-art in Russian small arms development. The most important design differences (relative to common ...
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