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How does a cable-laying ship retrieve a partly-laid cable?

I was reading an article in the press this week about a project to lay an undersea cable across the Tasman Sea. The ship had had to return to port for repairs and return to complete the job later. ...
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collapsing a telescope image cone into an optical fiber

I have an application where a telescope will be receiving light from a laser source, and I need to couple the output, which is the image cone, into an optical fiber. Does anyone have any suggestions ...
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How can the Microsoft and the Facebook Fibers reach 160 Tbps between Virginia and Bilbao?

According to this article, Microsoft and Facebook have completed a 160 terabits cross-Atlantic cable. Based on my calculations, this doesn't seem probable, so what did I miss in my calculation? The ...
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What are the effects of temperature on optical fiber waveform

I am attempting to measure temperature using a signal through an optical fiber. If I send a waveform through an optical fiber, how would temperature affect it? I've looked here (Calculating ...
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How is light guided by a perfect mirror waveguide for angles not exactly at the guided mode angles?

Take the below image for example: Let's imagine the cladding is really just perfect mirrors, where all light energy is reflected back towards the core. I understand that modes arise by imposing the ...
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Emerging beam from PPLN waveguide not behaving well through optics

We have a pump laser beam that is coming out of a single mode fiber and butt coupled into a PPLN waveguide crystal. We are capturing the beam at the output of the crystal with the focusing lens in an ...
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Use Fiber microscope to view micron sized particles

Can I use Fiber microscope to see micron sized particles? That's mean, can Fiber microscope be used as a typical optical microscope? Generic Handheld 400x Fiber Optical Microscope Inspection
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Can air be implemented in 1-Dimensional photonic crystals?

As far as I am aware, digging holes in nanostructures or using columns of materials in a medium of air is the main way by which 2D photonic crystals work. I thought it would also be common to ...
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How can I transport sunlight (with UV, IR etc...) across space?

I currently have a tiny vertical farm which I am trying to make as energy efficient as possible. A big chunk of my power consumption comes from LED lights which are powered by solar panels/batteries, ...
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Is fiber to computer(without the use of LAN cables in between) possible?? Are any further developments getting carried out towards this goal?

All of us know well that the fiber to home(FTTH) connections are a trend nowadays. Every nation is planning to replace the existing metal wires with optical fiber cables. But we also see that the ...
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Connect LED with a 0.25mm fiber optic

I want to connect an LED (940nm signal) to a 0.25mm fiber optic. I have researched some possibilities, which involves using shrink heat tube, which is unfortunatly too large or simply buy couplers. I ...
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