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Questions tagged [experimental-physics]

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1 answer

Help me understand the mechanics involved in performing a wheelie

I am a mechanical engineering student trying to understand the mechanics of a wheelie (a maneuver). Can someone explain to me the mechanics behind performing a wheelie? With a free-body diagram. And ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How small can you get a stream of molten steel to be at low pressure?

I'm designing a crucible / extruder, and right now it has a .6mm hole to extrude from. Will this work? A chart with various metals listed would be nice. Pictures: Click to expand
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1 vote
2 answers

Where is the contact point between screw spindle teeth and nut teeth?

So this is a screw press used to hmm disconnect the clamp connection (sorry if these are not the correct terms I really don't know how to translate it properly). Anyway, I think it's obvious what this ...
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Find optimal configuration for Stirling Engine

I'm trying to figure out the theoretical calculations for a Stirling Engine system so I can determine optimal piston size, optimal piston displacement and number of pistons. I want to calculate which ...
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