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Limits of Euler-Bernoulli Beam Theory for Wide Plate in Flexure?

I'm looking for established limits or rules of thumb for the validity/accuracy of Euler-Bernoulli beam equations for particularly wide "beams". For example, a simply supported rectangular ...
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Does pressure in a centrifugal compressor increase along the path of the flow?

Euler turbomachinery equation doesn't include a term for changes in flow area. But, an centrifugal impeller (not the volute) has increasing flow area along the path of the flow. Is the pressure ...
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Euler's formula with different coefficients and constants

Hi and thank you in advance. I understand that one of Euler's formulas states: cos(x) + isin(x) = e^ix I know that if you were to have the same coefficient ...
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How to plot quaternion constraint equation vs time

If K = q1^2 + q2^2 + q3^2 + q4^2 and K0 = q1^2 + q2^2 + q3^2 + q4^2 = 0 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 1, how to plot K-K0 vs time graph. K is the quaternion constraint equations where the quaternions are changing ...
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Confusion regarding Euler rotations and Gimbal Lock

I'm having difficult understanding the issue with gimbal lock, namely why so many diagrams show an aircraft in apparent gimbal lock unable to turn about an axis conventionally, using yaw/pitch/roll. ...
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Is a vibrating Euler beam supposed to behave in this way?

I am a student of mathematics and for my modelling seminar, I need to dip a little bit into engineering in order to model the movements of a suspension bridge under influence of wind. This will be ...
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