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New Part Number for every firmware update?

When developing an ECR/ECN process, the question of when to roll a rev vs. when to create a new part number must be answered. In researching this question, I've come across multiple sources that ...
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How do "engineering leaders" work with large-scale "trends"? [closed]

How do "engineering leaders" work with large-scale "trends"? Like matching against predicted requirements in renewable energy etc. These seem like abstractly unknowable future ...
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How to fairly distribute items when there is more demand than supply?

I have these 2 problems to solve (on the image). I have 9 stores that want different quantities of a product. The first store asked for 62 units, the second one 10 units, etc etc. The supplier sent ...
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How can I efficiently find the root cause of validation failures?

Within most engineering development processes, product testing and validation is an integral part of the product development process. All prototype / engineering development samples are tested. And ...
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