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Conditions of Separating a Value in Spatial Dimensions

In most of my engineering experience whenever we work in multiple dimensions we can almost always use superposition to get a specific property or quantity in x,y, and z. In these cases, we have always ...
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How do engineers calculate the dimensions of their design ideas? [closed]

You have a design problem statement, which gives you numerical specifications for performance, spatial constraints etc, and you have finally come up with some mechanism ideas you synthesised into a ...
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What is the branch of engineering that deals with corrective eyeglasses?

So I was curious about what principle used to manufacture corrective eyeglasses. Of course it uses physics, especially optics. But what engineer branch or degree is needed to manufacture it? I ...
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clockwork motor output in joules formula

I'm trying to understand the output of clockwork coils in joules or watts for different coils. You know the pullback car or windup pocket watch mechanism. I have heard it also called power in the ...
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Industry standard factor of safety for ballast design

What design standards exist for the design of ballast against uplift forces, and what factor of safety against uplift do these design standards promulgate? I am familiar with a typical FS of roughly 1....
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Are Scientific Calculators still current? [closed]

I've been a civil/structural engineer for 20 years now. My HP 48GX has recently done its last calculation. So I looked for a replacement and it seems that the market for scientific/graphing ...
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