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Questions about working in an engineering field, whether as an engineer, researcher, technician/paraprofessional, manager/executive, student or recent graduate. Be careful not to ask poll-type questions.

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Type of Engineer [closed]

I am a mechanical engineer by education (master's degree). I have been working for 6 years in industry. However, I am beginning to search for a new job. I work at NASA as an instrumentation engineer. ...
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Are there ever job openings that say "Only M.S. degrees apply", and if so, will an M.Eng. still cut it? [closed]

If these exist, then I would imagine they are in research. Is an M.Eng. looked as favorably upon as an M.S.?
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What are the career growth opportunities for an Engineer with Product Testing Experience? [closed]

I studied Medical Engineering and previously worked as a test engineer for flow measuring instruments (for three years now) and find myself in a dead-end job. There are virtually no matching jobs. ...
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How does one become a control systems engineer?

From what I understand, a control systems engineering job is almost always a senior level position. What kind of entry level jobs do most engineers have before they are qualified to actually design ...
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What is the dollar value of "qualifying experience" in an entry-level US engineering job?

Motivation Imagine that you are a recent graduate of an ABET-accredited engineering program in the United States. You have taken and passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and you are hunting for ...
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