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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter and power line filter leakage

I have some questions regarding Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filtering and power line filter leakage. What will be the effect of leakage current of power line filter (2A) when both power ...
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EMC filter selection and installation while there is power line filter leakage current

I am working in telecom company which is willing to install EMC telephone line filters and EMC power line filters on single facility that has all the equipment. I have been reading about filters issue ...
12 votes
4 answers

Is interference between aircraft an issue for fly-by-wireless technology?

I was reading up on fly-by-wire development, and I saw a short section about fly-by-wireless technology. It seems like a great idea, with the potential to lower costs, weight and complexity. I can see ...
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Can Mechanical Design help meet EMC/EMI requirements for electronic products?

EMI/EMC issues are common in most electronic designs. Electronic and Hardware Engineers use many different strategies to mitigate these issues: These include (But not limited too) Designing filter ...
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CE Marking on low budgets: conforming to EMI / EMC requirements in ELV and mains circuits

For one-off, bespoke electronic products, or ventures on low budgets, what is the cheapest way of ensuring the product conforms to EMI/EMC requirements of CE marking? This can be at design time and / ...
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