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Rationale For Plain Strain Assumption in Long or Infinite Bars

When plane strain is discussed, there are two examples given, both of which involve two dimensional boundary stress conditions. One is a constrained object that cannot move along the third axis. From ...
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Question about Hertz contact theory

Hello I just begin to learn Hertz contact theory and have some questions about the geometry of the contact between the sphere and the plate in the figure below. The displacement $w(r)$is $$w(r) = \...
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Does gold have elastic behavior?

I know structural steel is considered to have an elastic behavior and after a certain deformation, it has a plastic behavior. How about gold metal?
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What is the meaning of the traction continuity condition in the generalized momentum balance (continuum mechanics)?

In Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures by Belytschko and al. it is stated: As we have already noted, the strong form, or generalized momentum balance, consists of the momentum ...
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Boundary conditions for Clevis fork (linear elasticity)

consider the Clevis fork domain (see here for an image
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Does elastic deformation becomes plastic deformation, given sufficient time?

I'm confronted some aspects of Material Science I'm unfamiliar with. In general, if a material is subjected to an elastic deformation for too long, does that become a plastic deformation? Does this ...
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Elastomer that is durable & oxidation resistant

I tend to bundle up my folders & small supplies with ordinary rubber bands (polyisoprene). I find that after a few months these rubber bands would deteriorate & need replacing. Faster even ...
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What is the equivalent rotational/angular stiffness of a beam

I'm trying to model a larger system and working through a conceptual issue. I'm familiar with the concept of expressing the stiffness of a beam as an equivalent spring stiffness like in the image ...
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Why do we not want our stress state to be like this?

In this article they mention that Cauchy stress is defined by studying the forces acting on the deformed body, and these forces are constant in space. But if a body is subjected to pure rotation, the ...
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