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Questions tagged [eigenvalue-analysis]

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How to get mass normalized mode shapes?

I have an MDOF system with 4 degrees of freedom with forced input at one of the dof (4th dof)(it is a sinusoidal wave with a particular frequency expected to be generated using a shaker); displacement ...
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Why do Eigenmodes of a rigid system also diagonalize the Mass and the stiffness matrix seperately?

To set up my question, I will briefly recap the derivation that is usually given for eigenmodes of a system: If there is no force present, and a body is described by a vector $u$, then the equations ...
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Interpreting eigenvalues of non-normalized covariance matrix in system identification

Cross-posted from physics stackexchange Summary: Eigenvalues of a "non-normalized" covariance matrix of time-series measurements from a linear system have units of Action (energy * time). ...
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Large scale nonsymmetric standard and generalized eigenvalue problems in engineering

I apologize if this is not the right forum for my question, but I cannot think of better place to reach a large number of engineers within a short time span. Question: I am a mathematician working in ...
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