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Use this tag for questions about engineering education, including but not limited to curriculum, accreditation programs, mentoring programs and educational internships. Do not request individual academic guidance.

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What kind of low-cost equipment do I need to learn and experiment with RADAR at home?

I am interested in RADARs. However, I don't have enough time to go to school for studying RADARs. Therefore, I am thinking about self-study. What kind of low-cost equipment do I need to learn and ...
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What are the major differences between Engineering degrees and Engineering Technology degrees in terms of employability? [closed]

What difference in education occurs between two graduates, one with an Engineering Technology degree (be it Civil, Mechanical, Electrical...) and the other with the equivalent Engineering degree "...
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Balance between technical and philosophical training [closed]

I'm interested in potentially studying engineering, specifically cybernetics and possibly robotics with machine learning or AI for assistive technology, probably with a focus on hygiene. Coming from ...
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What is the difference between mechatronics and robotics, if any?

When explaining to someone what mechatronics is, I ususally end up stating that it is synonymous with robotics. While I think it is mostly true, are there any subtle differences between the two? The ...
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Planes, lines and distances: looking for engineering problems

In a week from now, I am going to teach a one-time class to first-year engineering students about 3D geometry, more specifically: distances between points and lines/planes, and the common ...
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Why are engineering programs so course intensive?

Most undergraduate majors require 10-12 courses in the major, and maybe up to three courses from other departments as "co-requisites." But most engineering majors require 15-18 courses in the ...
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Applications of simple spring harmonic oscillator

For pedagogic reasons I am looking for applications in engineering for the simple spring harmonic oscillator, i.e. something like this ("harmonic" implies in particular "without damping"): . The ...
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Time constant - formula

The book "Instrument Engineers' Handbook vol. 1 - Liptak" said that for the first-order system forced by a step or an impulse, the time constant is the time required to complete 63.2% of the total ...
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PLC / Scada education requirements. [closed]

I'm looking for some advice on what study of engineering I should pursue. I want to be a PLC / SCADA programmer, but with all these engineering titles I am lost on what to even look for. I was ...
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Formulation of problems and exercises in Mechanical Engineering [closed]

I'd like to know how do the authors of Mechanical Engineering books(books of engineering dynamics, mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics...) and some university professors of Mechanical Engineering ...
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How can a Shoe Design Challenge better implement engineering concepts? [closed]

I work for a non-profit pre-engineering education company that provides an after school program to teach students the basic principles of engineering. We currently have a challenge involving shoe ...
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Efficiency model for centrifugal pumps, using relations from Europump's Ecopump project

Context: I'm trying to create a mathematical model for centrifugal pumps. This model should describes how the operational variables of centrifugal pumps $(Q, \Delta P, ...)$ related to it's design ...
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What are the career implications of choosing a non-accredited postgraduate degree?

I am looking to complete a materials science/engineering-based Master's degree in the UK. Those which I have been looking at, particularly Leeds and Manchester, do not seem to be accredited by the ...
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Modern method for teaching controls

Background When I took my first class in controls (2006-ish as taught by an aerospace professor for a mix of ME and EE students) it was basically all done in Laplace-transform, transfer functions etc. ...
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Communicating losses and imprecision in liquid measurement by analogy

I'm writing a presentation for people and I need an analogy to convey the following problem: Person A wants to sell a liquid, so he fills a tank, measures volume and sends to Person B. Now Person ...
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What kind of math do engineers really use? [closed]

I am from the mathematics StackExchange section, many of my students are engineering students at University. I was wondering what kind of calculus do you real engineers use? I have known two engineers....
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Making a mechanical device to measure the radius of the Earth

I want to design an experiment to show (in an educational context) how we can measure the radius of the Earth without using modern technology in order to demonstrate the engineering achievements of ...