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What is the frequncy range of seismic vibrations?

I'm working on a structure which needs to sustain common seismic vibrations due to earthquakes. So I want to do some modal analysis to find natural frequencies of the structure and make sure they are ...
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Can I use empirical formula ,time period T=0.1*N, (N= number of floors) to find fundamental frequency of vibration of Tesla's lab building in1890?

I want to know ,can I use the empirical formula time period T=0.1*N, where N = number of floors, to find the fundamental frequency of vibration of Tesla's laboratory building in which he performed ...
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In a structure, an earthquake causes a force in itself or it causes an intertial response in the system?

My teacher and I argued about whether a seismic event causing a force in itself or being an inertial response of the system. As I read in Chopra and Paz, the effect of an earthquake can be interpreted ...
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Using seismic base isolators in light, flexible buildings

Using seismic base isolators dissipate a great deal of energy that would enter to a structure, but at the same time they increase the natural period of vibration of the structure. Now, if we had a ...
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Definition of Mass in Multiple Mass Oscillators

In an exam on seismics and earthquake proof design I had a couple of days ago, there was a question on multiple mass oscillators in the form of a simply supported beam of length $L$, stiffness $EI$ ...
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Why do period and damping ratio affect acceleration?

In the table above, the period of the structure $(T)$, the acceleration coefficient on the structure ($g$ in terms of gravitational acceleration) $Sa(T)$, The damping ratio is expressed as $ζ$ . As ...
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Can Friction Pendulum Bearing/System (FPB/FPS) suppresses the effect of an earthquake from every direction or only from one direction?

Can Friction Pendulum Bearing (FPB) AKA. Friction Pendulum System (FPS) suppresses the effect of an earthquake from every direction or only from one direction? Please take a look at the tests which ...
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Shear Wall placement -- reflectionally symmetric or rotationally symmetric?

Is it better to add a shear wall that is reflectionally symmetric or rotationally symmetric? I'm designing a confined masonry structure in a seismic zone. My understanding is that the shear walls are ...
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How to design safely collapsing buildings?

Background—Currently, buildings seem to be designed to be strong enough to not fall upon dangerous events, such as earthquakes. This makes them expensive, and out of the reach of poor places. Poor ...
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How to model leaning columns in opensees?

I want to modelling three buildings next to each other in opensees software . Duo to modelling leaning columns , buildings overlap with each other . Now my question is that for 3 adjacent buildings ...
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