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Questions about the dynamics of a system. Currently there is a very large scope ranging from from dynamics in mechanics, vehicle and flight dynamics, to system dynamics and fluid dynamics.

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Unexpected Results from my Transfer Function

I have a system that can be modeled with the following picture: There is a mass $m$ connected to a spring $k$ and a dashpot $d$. These are both connected to another dashpot $c$. A force $F(t)$ is ...
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Linearization of dynamic equations/transfer function in control theory

I've gone through a control theory course, and after looking back at what we covered and how the subject was taught to us, I still have quite a few questions (which I unfortunately did not ask in ...
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Vertical component of force for rigid wheel hitting a step

My question relates to finding the vertical component of force due to a rigid wheel hitting a rigid step. I know the details of the step and I know the horizontal velocity of the wheel. I'm using the ...
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Does the terminal velocity of a sphere in free drop increase with increasing diameter?

I was trying today to calculate the terminal velocity of a hailstones with increasing diameter and mass. I was trying to figure out if larger hailstones will have a higher impact velocity or lower. I ...
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How to determine the linear and angular velocity of one end of a rod that is pinned on a track on each side?

I am working on trying to determine the velocity of one end of a rod that is pinned on both ends into two different tracks. One track is linear and the pinned end has known values. The other side is ...
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How does 2nd gear create more thrust than 1st gear?

Let’s analyze a vehicle parallel to velocity and forces applying on it. The 1st gear has a maximum velocity value after which you can’t accelerate more. It means that thrust force on wheels generated ...
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Center of gravity offset for accelerometer and gyroscope readings

I am working on a 6DOF IMU that contains a 3 Axis Accelerometer and a 3 Axis Gyroscope. I am building a project to plot the postion and orientation of the turret/cabin in a crane in 3D space. The IMU ...
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Force and the reactions on the supports

Consider the movement in the vertical plane of an $AB$ bar with a mass of $20 kg$, $0.8 m$ long and supported by two cursors: one at the end A and the other at point G coinciding with the center of ...
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