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Why railroad concrete tie tips become dry first after a rain?

I've witnessed this phenomenon: Why are only the tie tips dry? Why are only the stones around the tips dry? This is a railroad in Ukraine in the morning after a rain at night. Around 80% of observed ...
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Advantages of Fluid Bed Drying

One of the advantages of fluid bed drying especially in the pharma industry is the “Turbulence in the bed causes mild attrition to particles thus producing more spherical free flowing product.” This ...
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Estimating rate of drying by comparing identical process with different ambient humidity

We have a drying process where we take a thin bread product and cool it in a room at 11 C and 90% relative humidity. The product comes in at 80 C and comes out at 22 C. There is air blowing across the ...
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Solid-liquid separation of a crystal slurry

Let me preface my question by saying I am a recent chemical engineering graduate and apologize if my inexperience shows. I have designed a batch process which results in a water slurry stream ...
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Drying a air-tight container

What method should i use in order to remove moisture from air of a container completely? Should i flush it with N2 or argon (its air-tight) or is there a device that i could use to remove moisture ...
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Optimum airflow for drying with heated air

I'm building something to dry glass tubes. It's raised a question which I'd like some background knowledge on before I draw up requirements for the design. Say I want to dry something with heat alone,...
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