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How can I open a door? There's gotta be something simpler!

I'm trying to open a door. More precisely, I'm trying to design a mechanism to open and close a door mechanically which also allows me to open the door manually. Now, I thought this would be fairly ...
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What are the external bars for on bank vaults?

I refer to the 3 radially spaced bars on this door:- and the two horizontal ones on this door:- Many (vault) doors have them, but since they're on the outside, what purpose do they serve? It looks ...
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Manual/Electrically controlled loaded spring release for door kick-down stopper

Hoping to upgrade this or similar telescopic door kick-down stopper to release the stopper remotely. Wondering if there are standard solutions that would allow for electrical and manual loaded spring ...
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What's the minimum number of required wooden pieces to make this door structually solid?

This is the basic requirement of the wooden door frame: The requirement is to make sure that the door frame does not skew or deform. Questions: What's the minimum number of wooden pieces to be added ...
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Inverting motor polarities automatically to close and open a door

Hi, I need to build a device that opens a chicken coop door. The idea is quite simple, a motor connected to an axle that pulls a string up just like a wench. It would be activated by a relay timer ...
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Non-standard Door Hinge Spacing

The usual woodworker/house builder rule of thumb is to place the top hinge 6" (150 mm) from the top of the door, and the bottom one 9" (228 mm) from the bottom - the common reason for this ...
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