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Left Aligned Binary Data

I have to write 0xA5 to the DAC. So should I send 0x00100A50 or 0x001A5000? The command bits are 0x0 as i just want to write to the buffers. Say I want to send to channel 1 with channel Address 1 (D23 ...
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How to get the difference equation from second-order digital filter block diagram?

[![enter image description here][1]][1] Here I have a diagram and I am trying to create a difference equation for the filter. I've been using practice examples to try figure this one out however I am ...
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Which device should I use to send data to 2 different PCs?

I am trying to send a barcode text to 2 different PCs via USB. The txt editor is opened on both of the computer, but only 1 PC can read the data at one time with a USB hub. Is there a device that can ...
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Should we use Maximal ratio combining and an equalizer together?

I have confusion on MRC (Maximal Ratio Combining) method, which I would like to clarify. An example is where I have 1 transmit antenna and 4 receive antennas. The concept of MRC is to combine all the ...
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What does summation EVEN and summation ODD exactly mean in truth table of IC 74180 which is used as a parity generator and parity checker?

I was trying to implement parity generator for 8 bit message using IC 74180. I understand the purpose of all the pins but don't what do those two output pins namely summation(Even) and summation(odd) ...
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How to make a 3-bit full adder using only half adders [closed]

I've been trying to solve this question but I don't know the right answer.
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How to send true digital data in discrete values?

To my understanding signals in any form sent through empty space is in the form of electromagnetic waves. This implies that it is never discrete two values but it can be modulated. Looking at this ...
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filter type : bypass or by pass

I am not an expert in the signal processing! I working on a simulation the interpolation ( upsampling and filter). The interpolation process was divided into two stages: stage 1: FIR - filter ( ...
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Configuring UART Port to 115200 on Renesas RX130 using Code Generator

Does anyone have insights into configuring UART port on Renesas RX130 microcontroller for a bit rate of 115200? I have successfully configured for a 9600, 19200, and 38400. I can read from the MCU and ...
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Why are ODFM pilot tones repeated?

Why are pilot tones repeated so much in OFDM? I understand the pilot tones are used for synchronization, ensuring the phase of an OFDM signal is correct. It's for fine grained control after using the ...
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how to implement an encoder in matlab

How can I encode a quantized vector in matlab ? This is a part of a problem where I am asked to implement a communication block using matlab.
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What does this bandpass signal equation indicates?

This is the equation for bandpass signal from transmitter. What are the values for different parameters present in this equation. For example, what should be the value of P, Sl(t), Fc etc. Also what ...
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why can't remove the Image frequency using a band-pass filter?

why can't remove the Image frequency using a band-pass filter? I've been asked to search for the reason why we can't use BPF (band-pass filter) in order to remove the effects of the Image frequency? I'...
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Maximum Information Rate

I am reading B. P Lathi, Modern Analog and Digital Communication. In it, there is a topic where the author says that maximum information rate is two pieces of information per second per hertz. Now I ...
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Python delays on Raspberry Pi

I'm trying to simulate a compound action potential for calibrating research instruments. The image below is a small overview of the design. I've already completed the data acquisition from a live ...
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How is an digital coherent receiver able to achieve 100 Mhz line-scan rate for detecting coherent light in the presence of incoherent light?

Recently, I read an October 2006 IEEE JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, article titled, High-Sensitivity Detection of Narrowband Light in a More Intense Broadband Background Using Coherence ...
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What is Byte Alignment Time in radio communication?

According to this paper, which deals with time synchronization in wireless networks, this kind of delay occurs, however I do not understand its explanation. The paper says the reciever (radio) has to ...
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