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Questions tagged [detailing]

Questions dealing with detailing of members for fabrication or construction drawings.

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At What height do we splice vertical bars in Columns and Shear walls?

At what height do we splice the vertical bars in columns and shear walls is it at the middle of the element or at the bottom ( Slab level) and why ?
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3 answers

Reasons for bending direction of rebars in beams

When we do detailing for RC structures, the rebars in a beam have to anchor into a column. For an external column (not at the roof), the rebars are usually bent in 90 deg to provide sufficient ...
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Tolerance for Beam With Cope End

I need to have some beams fabricated with copes on the ends. They will be set on top of existing steel trusses, and used to replace undersized purlins to shore up existing rafters (hence the need ...
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