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what is effect of temperature on dew point?

I read that relative humidity changes with change in temperature though there can be constant humidity. So, if RH is changing then dew point should get increase with increase in temperature? https://...
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Max. setting for air condition for a vacant apartment located in a desert

I own a condo (that's American for an apartment) in Tucson, Arizona. It is rented out most of the year. However, Tucson is located in the desert, so in the heat of the summer months (June-August) the ...
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Why don't air dehumidifiers use coalescing filters?

I have a air dehumidifier in my basement, and at work I am using a coalescing filter for our air compressor. As I see it, my air dehumidifier uses quite a lot of electricity compared to the completely ...
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Identify this textbook

I would really like to buy this textbook, but only see a scan of one chapter online. Could anybody help me identify the book? Thanks!
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Dehumidification calculations

I'm looking at options for DIY dehumidification and am hoping to get a sanity check on some calculations, and verification that I'm using the right factors in the right way. As a reference point, I ...
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Why railroad concrete tie tips become dry first after a rain?

I've witnessed this phenomenon: Why are only the tie tips dry? Why are only the stones around the tips dry? This is a railroad in Ukraine in the morning after a rain at night. Around 80% of observed ...
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How to increase temperature in a wooden box up to 350 degrees F?

How can I significantly increase the temperature in a relatively medium sized wooden box effectively to 300∘ 𝐹? The box is 3.5 feet in height, 2.2 feet in width, and 9 inches in length. Also I put ...
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Does a house heating system affect perceived and true indoor air humidity?

Does a house heating system affect indoor air humidity? Or to be more precise, does it affect your perception of how dry the air in the house feels (for instance dry is your mouth waking up)? (I ...
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What is a formula to approximate the change in relative humidity cause by a change in temp?

The moisture-carrying ability of air goes up as the temperature rises. So if I take a volume of air and heat it or cool it (allowing it to expand/contract so the pressure remains constant) how can I ...
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Is there a more active passive technique for removing humidity from the air besides salt blocks?

We can get really humid days sometimes. Recently I was digging around in boxes and found some old mineral specimens, and I set out a few of the salt crystal rocks. I soon found that they had pools of ...
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How do dry storage cabinets work?

In my lab we use a number of materials which are hygroscopic and must therefore be stored in a dry environment. For that purpose we have numerous dry cabinets very similar to the one shown below (...
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