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Creep of the materials

Does creep exists for all materials at any stress at room temperature? I searched for this and could not find any answer other than creep isn't significant at low stresses and low temperatures. What I ...
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Would 6061 or 5052 Aluminum have lower rate of creep?

I am making a device which uses a bent thin sheet of aluminum as a spring which provides a constant force. It must be made of aluminum. Over time the material will relax and the force of the spring ...
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Ansys Norton creep power law constants?

I’m trying to learn creep analysis in Ansys, and am currently working on deriving creep constants, specifically C1, C2, and C3 for the Norton Power Law. I understand that the equation is usually shown ...
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Creep behavior in metals

If creep behavior can begin at 0.6T(melting) but, hot working for a pure metal starts at 0.4Tm, what is the explanation for this?
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A creep mathematical model of alloy steel for making springs

I'm searching for a mathematical approach to well describe the creep (or stress relaxation)of helical-coil compression spring.I've got the spring parts and can Experiment with these parts .I need ...
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Would creep have been a major problem for pykrete designs?

During world war two the British had plans for an aircraft carrier made of pykrete (a mixture of 14% sawdust or wood pulp and 86% ice.) the idea was to have a refrigeration system to stop the ice from ...
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Calculating Creep

For a low-carbon steel part that will be put into a long lifetime use (10 years plus) what are recommended load cases to consider creep? The part I'm specifically working with will have a relatively ...
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