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Belt conveyor roller spring

I wanted to know if anyone could help in this area. I want to create an inclined conveyor belt where, when a cargo box reaches the top of the conveyor belt, the rollers sequentially move down (maybe ...
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High or low friction on a sprocket/chainbelt drive

We have a segmented belt/chain drive. Both the belt/chain and sprocket are nylon and we have issues with slipping on the sprocket. Would a material change help or do we just need a better tension ...
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How to calculate the terminal velocity of grains in a pneumatic conveyor?

Here is the main question I got from a textbook: Rice is transported by a pneumatic conveyor. The particle density is 1.4g/cm³. The major, intermediate and minor diameters are 1cm, 0.3cm and 0.4cm ...
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How would I find the minimum speed for a conveyor transfer to avoid collision?

I have three conveyors. I am trying to find the minimum speed needed for the second (middle) conveyor in order to avoid collisions with the pieces of wood. The conveyors 1 and 2 are perpendicular to ...
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Conveyor belt tension adjustment

I saw this video of adjusting conveyor belt tension and I wonder how the adjustment actually works mechanically As you can see, each of the two sides can be adjusted ...
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horizontal rail to vertical conveyor

I am trying to find a solution at an industrial line problem. I have a product which is cylinder, ~40 grams, 6cm length x 2cm diameter. The products (cylinders) are coming from a machine (output) in a ...
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Variable speed conveyor / frequent stop and start

I'm working on an application which requires varying the speed of a conveyor that will frequently need to stop and start. More specifically, we need to first set the speed of the belt, and then have ...
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How do you calculate the chain tension required when compressing bulk material over a conveyor?

Bulk material is conveyed over a slat conveyor, and the material is leveled with overhead rollers while being transported in the conveyor to maintain an even material height. Most of these "levelers" ...
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