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newly bought external usb hub not working?

i have a newly purchased usb hub powered by an external cable. i plugged in the cable from the hub and then plugged the hub into the laptop, after that switch on the switch to allow electricvity to ...
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Unexpected UART communication behavior on Basys 2 FPGA using USB-to-UART converter

I am facing an issue with UART communication on a Basys 2 FPGA board (design in Verilog). My board doesn't have a built-in UART, so I'm utilizing a USB-to-UART converter for the purpose. In my ...
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How to visualize angle of projection in Oblique Parallel Projection?

We know that in Oblique Parallel Projection Point $(x,y,z)$ is projected to position $(x_p,y_p)$ on the view plane.Projector (oblique) from $(x,y,z)$ to $(x_p,y_p)$ makes an angle $\alpha$ with the ...
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Is using your mouth and lungs to blow away dust inside your computer somehow bad for the computer?

Bottles of compressed air are very expensive where I live. While it would be nice and ideal to have and do a "proper" cleaning, I've always used my mouth and lungs to blow air onto the dust ...
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Has there been any deliberate implementation of combinational logic soft error correction in any consumer-level product, like a CPU/microcontroller?

It is well known that many error detection, mitigation, and correction methods, such as parity or ECC, have been available in large memory banks, like for RAM, for decades now, and even in CPU caches ...
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Is there any application of control engineering to the study of algorithms stability or computer science theory?

I am an undergraduate student in Electrical and Computer engineering. In our 5th semester we have a obligatory "Introduction to control systems course". I was wondering if these bunch of ...
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Where can I find technical drawings for computer parts?

I want to 3d print a custom computer case, I have the skillset to do so, however, I do not know where to find the technical drawings required. I need drawings for a 280mm Radiator, an ITX Motherboard, ...
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Are pixels not squares and more like rectangles?

When I open Paint, I change the size to 500x500. It appears more as a rectangle than a square. Has anyone else had this happen? Is there an explanation? Not sure if this is a thing that differs on ...
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Ryzen 5 2600x Rev. A versus Rev. F: What is difference in revs?

My son built a computer a few months ago with Gigabyte m/b and Ryzen 5 2600x. He bought the parts at a local Computer Super-Store and built it. I liked it so much I bought the parts at the same local ...
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How can I convert (AF36) hexadecimal to 2421 BCD? [closed]

How to represent numbers 10 to 15 in 2421 bcd? The original question is this:
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Use two passive CPU coolers on one single CPU?

I aim on building a silent, completely passively cooled PC, with no moving parts at all (I am aware that it is cheaper to go for an inaudible computer instead, using low speed fans. This is not the ...
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Why laptop keyboard has so many bus lines?

I changed one laptop keyboard on the new one and while changing it I noticed that it has 30 line bus. But from my VLSI practice, I know that keyboard can use only 1 data line and 1 clock line (PS/2) ...
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Is it possible to send ESC/POS commands to EPSON TM-T88IV Printer through Windows command line?

I am interested in learning more about ESC/POS commands. I have an EPSON TM-T88IV printer connected to my PC via parallel cable at port LPT1. Connected to this printer is an APG Cash Drawer. The PC is ...
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Have there been successful attempts at using a computer's heat to warm something up? [duplicate]

Computers get hot. So usually we try to make them less hot. But what if instead of trying to cool down a computer we used that heat for something else? Not necessarily any thing big like a whole ...
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Computer engineering vs Computer Science? [closed]

Sorry if this is in the wrong place; I haven´t posted in SE Engineering before, and the site said that SEE is also for students. I´m a High School senior and I´m debating between Computer Engineering ...
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Why is it more reliable to use the land/pit transition in a CD-ROM?

I was reading about how CD-ROMs work and I came to this: Although it might seem simplest to use a pit to record a 0 and a land to record a 1, it is more reliable to use a pit/land or land/pit ...
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What engineering advances paved the way for "modern" computers?

By "modern computers," I mean electronic programmable computers such as those that were developed about the middle of the 20th century. My understanding is that early computers such as Charles ...
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