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What does squared end spring mean?

What does squared end spring mean? In most cases I have seen shown closed and squared springs where the last coil touches the previous one. But it seems that squared end means that the end is flat, ...
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What happens while skewing a spring?

I'm trying to design this magazine spring in CAD: But this spring should be skewed: When designing the spring, there's one problem, one "leg" would need to be longer than the other for the ...
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How are springs that are designed for 100% extension different for ones that are designed for 60% extension?

Some trampoline springs extend only 40-50% before reaching their elastic limit. (e.g. a 10 inch spring can extend to 14 or 15 inches. Good springs can extend to 100% (E.g. a 10 inch spring can ...
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How is energy in the hairspring restored in a mechanical watch?

I've read through the excellent guide to how mechanical watches work by Ciechanowski, but it leaves some questions unanswered. The main spring of the watch, when it loses energy, can of course be re-...
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What causes damage to my drone when falling down?

I am trying to design a landing gear system and I am stuck at whether I should use a spring as a kind of shock absorber in my landing gear. Currently, the scope of my project is only concerning about &...
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How can I find stiffness of a steel coil spring used in dump trucks?

How can I find stiffness of a steel coil spring used in dump trucks? Here is the data of the question. Length of spring unloaded = 220mm Outer Diameter = 27mm Inner Diameter = 15mm Wire Diameter = 6mm ...
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How to build an Adjustable Tension Spring?

Is there such a thing as an off-the-shelf adjustable tension spring? I've searched extensively without success. The problem I'm trying to solve is as follows: I have a tension spring hanging from a ...
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Sizing a spring

I am attempting to 3D print my own Quad lock mount and require a spring. I've taken some measurements but don't know how to search for where I can buy more springs. Dimensions: 12mm height, 20mm OD. ...
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How to calculate how much compression is needed for a spring to buckle

First off; School was many years ago and I know little of the mathematics behind all the physics and engineering stuff. So if you have an answer, please explain it like I'm 5? The goal: I aim to be ...
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Looking for a compression spring alternative with 10x lifespan

I'm working on a project where 100k spring cycles is gonna last a few months Any recommendations on an alternative? I considered magnets but their sprigabilty isn't great (also, will they get ...
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What's the name of a device to simulate an object jumping in the air?

I want to make a film of a puppet jumping in the air into the water of a lagoon. I am looking for a pad with a spring release timer that I can bury in the sand so it's out of sight from the camera, ...
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Are recoil operated crossbows/ballistae feasible?

This question is specifically about stationary or vehicle mounted crossbows, not man-portable ones The projectile size would measure about 1.8 - 2 meters in length, so the crossbow would have ...
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Help with linear rod drill press like design/materials

I am putting together a basic machine for “pad printing” extremely small and precise parts. The design is very much the same as most homemade drill presses and consists of linear rods, flanged ...
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Overextending and cutting a coil spring

This is related to my recent question Can I weaken a coil spring consisting of spring steel?. The answer here could create an additional answer there, but I do not expect that. The difference to that ...
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