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CMOS AC-to-DC Converter Design

I am trying to analytically model the power conversion efficiency of an AC-to-DC power converter circuit (see Figure 1). In this design, the drain-source voltage of each MOS device can be expressed as ...
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Can an active pixel (CMOS) image sensor work without the lenses?

Hello I was wondering if a CMOS image sensor will work without its lenses, I want to install a pinhole instead of the lenses, I want to simulate a sun sensor with the CMOS image sensor of an ESP32-CAM,...
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Floating node in 4T CMOS camera pixel

I know how a 3 Transistor CMOS camera pixel works. As I understand, 4T CMOS pixels have one additional transistor that connects the photodiode to a so-called floating node. What is that floating node ...
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Switching speed of a (nano) transistor

Usually, the frequency of a computer's CPU is expressed in GHz. But does this mean that the individual transistors etched on the chip also switch on and off billions of times per second? Or are the ...
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How can I estimate blocking window distance in an sCMOS sensor setup?

I am trying to establish an appropriate distance between a spectrograph output window and a CMOS sensor. The spectrograph creates a focused image on the CMOS sensor but I am trying to restrict the ...
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