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For questions about the design of circuits. This may cover everything from processing steps to models to high level circuit design issues.

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Comparisons of multiplier circuits

Could someone please explain some of the advantages/disadvantages of the wallace multiplier circuit vs a shifting and adding multiplier circuit vs an shift register multiplying circuit? We went over ...
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What should be the clearance and creepage for the line to line 440 Vac and line to neutral 240 Vac of the three-phase system on PCB?

Also is there any link to calculate this as per the UL and other industrial standards
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Methods for External Antenna Detection - RF systems

I’m designing an RF device that should be able to use multiples sets of antennae, one a low-gain internal PCB antenna and the other an external high gain antenna attached via an SMA connector. I’d ...
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Difference between a positive and negative adjustable voltage regulator (LDO's)

I am having trouble understanding the difference between positive and negative adjustable voltage regulators (LDO's). There are circuit diagrams for the positive LDO's such as the following: I am ...
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Calculating gain of an overall system. Analogue electronics

Our professor has given us a review for a upcoming exam. But he has never done anything like this question and it has stumped a quite few of us. We are hoping someone can walk us through this so we ...
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CMOS AC-to-DC Converter Design

I am trying to analytically model the power conversion efficiency of an AC-to-DC power converter circuit (see Figure 1). In this design, the drain-source voltage of each MOS device can be expressed as ...
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Strange problem with Impedance?

I've encountered a strange problem with a 12V key-fob device. We use a device to remote control a relay via a key-fob transmitter. It's installed in a plastic box that is mounted at an operator ...
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How do I draw a circuit for a conducting loop inside a solenoid?

To solve a homework problem, I need to redraw the following diagram in circuit form. The large blue circle represents the solenoid. Inside the solenoid, the two gray semicircles represent a wire loop,...
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How to build a 4-bit full adder that shows result on 2 7-segment LEDs, without using Arduino?

I'm required to create a 4-bit full adder (ALU actually), that displays result on 2 7-segment LEDs with both are common cathode, using only 74HC283, CD4511 and some other logic gates. I'm confused on ...
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Building drone transceiver module with 2 recievers onboard to switch gates ON/OFF to turn motors On/Off

I'm looking for any resource that can help me build a radio (no infrared) controlled circuit with two receivers onboard a drone. The purpose of this circuit is for research and education. Whenever ...
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what is the best way to communicate among multiple raspberry pi boards?

so i was planning to make a project were a system of computers( in my case raspberry pi's) need to communicate to do a certain job. And i am having a trouble choosing a way of communications. so i ...
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Voltage controlled switch?

So I am in the process of working on a rather strange and specific project. I am looking to capture as much energy as possible from a small steam turbine using a DC motor and then use that to power ...
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