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Force and motor calculation on a moving chain sprocket system

I have a chain sprocket motor system used to move a load up. Usually I think the load would be the charge use for calculation and the torque should correspond to the load times de radius of the ...
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Best method to mount electric motor for chain drive for industrial machinery

I want to use this electric motor to run an industrial machine via ANSI roller chain. In the images most of the machine is not visible, only the sprocket on the input shaft and a bit of the relevant ...
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06B chain on #35 type sprocket

I can't find a 16 teeth sprocket with hub and 18mm bore for 06B roller chain. There are sprockets for ANSI #35 chains with these specifications, though. The pitch is practically the same, the roller ...
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What type of chain is this?

I have approximate measurements only, because I don't have physical access to the device. This chain is driving a small conveyor. The link length is about 9.5mm, ~9mm at narrow width and ~11mm at wide ...
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How to calculate forces on bearings in a chain drive

I have a chain drive which is moving a load of 200kg. I have 95Nm on the input shaft which has 15 teeth, which results in 152Nm on the output with 24 teeth. The shafts are supported on bearings on ...
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Which material, which geometry, which manufacturer? [closed]

I've experience as a development engineer but in software development, electrical engineering, and science experiments. So, even with a significant amount of experience, I've never been in the stage ...
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Reversible chain tensioner

Does anyone have any good experience with reversible chain tensioner designs? Power of transmission is 28 kW and torque on input sprocket is around 10 kNm. Sprockets are positioned verticaly with ...
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Protection against accidents when chainsaw chain breaks

I've just bought myself an electrical chainsaw. Specifications of the chain velocity of my saw read 55 km/hr. I've read online that many wood-cutters have encountered chain breaks and want to protect ...
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Chain length increasing during rotation of chain sprocket pair?

I am writing a program to calculate chain lengths required for a particular sprocket pair when I noticed this Consider a 9 teeth sprocket paired with an identical 9 teeth sprocket (image reference) ...
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Why do instructions on creation of roller chain sprocket tooth profile require redundant measurements?

I'm CADing a tooth profile for a bicycle chainring model and I'm referring my measurements and formulas to these sources:
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