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How to build a winning Pumpkin Derby racer?

At the large hotel where I work in the engineering department the big Halloween event is the annual Pumpkin Derby...and we've lost every year to the culinary department. It's embarrasing! This year, ...
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center of mass of rotating rod system

I have a system with a rot connected to a motor and I need to determine the center of mass to calculate the moment caused by gravitation. To illustrate: I am uncertain about how to do this, is it a ...
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Impact of decreasing weight from a part of body w.r.t tipping

If I decrease the weight from top portion of the body keeping all dimensions same, the center of mass shifts downwards, but does it makes it more stable against tipping from perpendicular forces ? ...
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What are the practical applications of Centre of Mass & Centre of Gravity?

I have learnt COM and COG are different things if we have non uniform gravitational field i.e. mass will be same at anywhere but gravity will be different. I want to find practical examples of both ...
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Are there any instances on Earth where it must be necessary to distinguish between center of mass and center of gravity?

Distinguishing between center-of-mass as the geometric centroid pondered by mass (the average point of the object(s) using mass as the weight of the sum) and the center-of-gravity as the centroid ...
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How to calculate the force required to tip a floating dock

If I have the following I'd like to determine how wide the base of a floating dock would need to be to prevent tipping under certain weather conditions (wind & waves) I'd like to build a modular ...
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How can I calculate the width of stand required for a Christmas tree based on its height?

Given the height and / or weight of a cut tree, what is the best way to calculate the width of stand required to keep it upright? I have no engineering background, but have been trying to think of a ...
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Centroid and Center of Gravity

I was studying this example but I didn't understand how the author arrived at (A₁ - A₂)G₁G Please I need enlightenment
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Calculating how big a base to attach to a chair to prevent it toppling

I have a pair of cinema seats that are designed to be bolted to the floor. I don't want to do this so instead I have made wooden feet and bolted the seat to them and they are quite stable. I know ...
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Does lowering the ride height of a car 50 mm exactly lower the height of C.G by 50 mm?

Does lowering the ride height of a car $50\ mm$ exactly lower the height of C.G. by $50\ mm$ or is it higher?
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