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Calibrating the commercial bar-type load cell for measuring weight at tilt

The commercial hobbyist bar-type load cell you buy at ebay for about 3 dollars or so has 4 strain gauges (two at the top and two at the bottom) for measuring weight that is perpendicular to the load ...
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Is a candy/oil thermometer suitable for calibrating a soldering iron or hot air gun? Why/not?

Disclaimer: not sure if the question is on-topic here, but I'm not sure that any other community is better suited. If there is one, would you kindly direct me there? Background: I am looking into ...
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Figuring out Geometry for Kreg 720

I'm making pocket holes to connect wood together with a jig, the Kreg 720. The 720 works by moving at an angle (which I'm trying to measure) to ensure the hole is drilled higher on thicker pieces. The ...
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Why we are using PT1 Damping in automobile Sensor values?

I got to know that most of the automobile manufactures are using PT1 Damping (concept like raising Linear/ PT1 failing time etc. ...
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Is sensor measurement uncertainty the same with its calibrator?

I'm trying to calibrate a proximity sensor A with another proximity sensor B. Say sensor B uncertainty is already known from the data sheet. However, for sensor A the uncertainty is nowhere to be ...
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Calibrating a system with matrices

I have several monochromatic LEDs that are coupled with controlers (PWM), thermometers and light sensors (spectrometer). For each LED: The controlers allow me to change the voltage/current applied to ...'s user avatar
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Calibrate a sensor using another, already calibrated sensor

I have two light sensors. Sensor A is factory-calibrated and gives a linear response to the light at a certain wavelength. Sensor ...'s user avatar
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Emerging beam from PPLN waveguide not behaving well through optics

We have a pump laser beam that is coming out of a single mode fiber and butt coupled into a PPLN waveguide crystal. We are capturing the beam at the output of the crystal with the focusing lens in an ...
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Why not to calibrate accelerometer in IMU filters?

I have been reading various research papers regarding IMU filters and I came to the question of why do we not need to calibrate the accelerometer values as we do for the gyroscope and magnetometer?
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Why are FBG sensors recalibrated every 10 years?

So, I am working with FBG sensors and I have read that those sensors need to be re-calibrated every 10 years to get accurate measurements. But no where on the internet (AFAIK) is it explained why ...
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Must MSA (Measurement System Analysis) be re-performed after annual instrument calibration?

I'm working in an automotive company that must follow IATF (International Automotive Task Force) requirements. I administrate a test-bench that performs RF (radio frequency) tests using an ...
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Referencing for Air Quality Monitoring

I asked the same question in electronics sub, but since it is more general I am asking it here again. I bought the Sharp dust sensor GP2Y1010AU0F. Below are the graph of readings indoor for ~5 minutes,...
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How can I calculate uncertainty based on measurements from multiple separate runs?

I am using standard test blocks to find the uncertainty of a supermicrometer, which is capable of measuring down to 1/10 of a micron. The issue is that it measures the EXACT same length within a run ...
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Method for permanent adjustment of pitch and roll of a mounting plate

I have a 2D lidar mounted to a plate on a robot. I am looking for a method to adjust the pitch and roll of the plate so the plane of the laser is parallel to the ground. Currently, I am using thin ...
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Rule of Tens/Ten to 1 Rule in Measurement and Inspection

I'm trying to clarify my understanding about the requirements [read: best practices] for measurement resolution and measurement confidence. The "Rule of 10s" is a commonly tossed around guideline ...
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Thermistor - Steinhart-Hart Coefficients

In order to identify Steinhart-Hart coefficients for a thermistor, three known temperatures may be used to find three resistances. What is the best way to choose these temperatures to calibrate ...
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Quantifying Instrument Precision Using Multiple Measurements: Rounding

I'm working with a spectrometer that collects raw data as a 16-bit integer value, so the readout I get from a measurement always varies between 0 and 65,535. I'm trying to avoid implementing data ...
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How can I transfer a multivariate model between spectrometers without the use of standard samples?

Our lab has created several multivariate models to predict sample properties from infrared spectra. However, different spectrometers often give different responses, and often the model created on one ...
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