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On construction of a triangular interferometer like LISA [closed]

I am planning to do a project in which I plan to mimic the LISA interferometer. For this I use the fabric material, Lycra to mimic space time and use spherical balls, forming a couple and connected to ...
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How to calculate effective section modulus of a slender section?

Hi how to calculate the effective section modulus of a class 4 section using Eurocode 1993? Can someone show me an example? I tried searching online but cannot find anything useful. My main problem is ...
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Why aren't counterweights used more for garage doors?

One of my garage door torsion springs broke again. It makes me wonder why some sort of counterweight system isn't used instead. Torsion springs seem to have a 90 day warranty generally and are "...
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Water pump at top floor or bottom?

Which position of the water pump in the below diagram provide maximum water output to the overhead tank? Each floor is 12 feet in height. I already have the pump (Centrifugal Regenerative Self ...
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Can a dry-pipe or preaction valve be used to create a branch off a wet pipe sprinkler system?

Individual-head (i.e. not deluge) sprinkler systems come in three flavors: Wet-pipe systems have water pressure at the head at all times -- they are the quickest to respond, but can't be subject to ...
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How is biaxial bending considered for reinforced masonry design?

I am faced with a problem where I have to design a reinforced masonry beam for biaxial bending. The governing code is ACI 530-11. I cannot find a provision in this Code for biaxial bending. The only ...
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Office Complex Foundations/Base Depth and Undeground Water

I have a school case study to prepare a (business) plan for office building construction with at least one level of underground parking. I have it pretty much done, but I still need to clarify one ...
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How to estimate the required thickness of a transfer floor

I am examining a high rise building project of 30 floors with a podium underneath and 2 basements. The structure in the tower and the podium varies between flat slabs, steel structure for wide spans, ...
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Will lightning strike an aluminum rod in a pot on my balcony?

I have some tomato plants on my balcony (4th floor in a 7 story building). The balcony is a recessed one. The building has lightning protection on top. To support them, I put a 2 m long aluminum rod ...
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What type of exhaust is vented from the rooftop of this apartment?

I recently signed a lease for a high-rise an apartment unit that directly overlooks the rooftop of lower floors. That is, my apartment is on a smaller floor plate than the units below it, and I could ...
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What's the purpose of these small closet-like-rooms-without-a-door?

I was recently on the UCLA campus (University of California Los Angeles) and I saw the Bunche Hall. I love the design and the architecture of the building. However I saw a little (what I would call) a ...
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Why dig out and then fill in before building a large structure?

I work in the middle of London, in an area full of large office blocks. Across the road from my office they have started construction of a large building (10 stories plus). Over the last few weeks, ...
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What concerns would I need to consider for building a swimming pool of gold coins?

If I wanted to build a gold coins swimming pool [as in DuckTales], what engineering (not security) concerns would I need to address to make such a pool feasible? For example, since gold is much ...
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Foiling vortex traps around buildings

I have had three houses with right angles in the layout, and in each one that configuration causes vortices to form that suck in leaves, snow, and any debris blowing by and keep it in the nook of the ...
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