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4 answers

Why dig out and then fill in before building a large structure?

I work in the middle of London, in an area full of large office blocks. Across the road from my office they have started construction of a large building (10 stories plus). Over the last few weeks, ...
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4 answers

Humidity in home is much higher than outside

We have a two year-old, two-story town house with: fiberglass insulation in the walls; a Tyvek vapor barrier under foam board on the exterior walls; blown cellulose insulation in the attic; stucco ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can a crisscrossed metallic skeleton resist earthquakes for buildings?

To follow up with my previous question on the seismic design of buildings, I would like to ask if it makes sense to support buildings with strong thick 'crisscrossed' metallic frames. I have the ...
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Can a horizontal foundation safeguard against earthquakes?

I have not taken any course in civil engineering. What I was taught was that a broad base would prevent something from toppling. So it makes me wondering instead of nailing the foundation of a ...
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