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2 votes
3 answers

Buckling vs. Yielding Failure of Columns

As I have been working through examples of construction projects, I've noticed that in nearly every case of a structural column (sample size considers only homogeneous material columns, no composite ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Can a thicker model have a lower critical buckling load?

I perform a linear buckling analysis for two similar geometries, where one model has thickness t = 0.01 m, and the other has thickness t = 0.035 m. Otherwise everything is exactly the same. The ...
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0 votes
0 answers

Solver cannot find any eigenvalues for linear buckling analysis [COMSOL]

I am trying to do a simple linear buckling analysis, where one end is fixed and the opposing end has a prescribed displacement of -0.1m in the x-direction that compresses the structure. Solver cant ...
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